Inspection Services

Our services include

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Affiliate offices in USA, Europe, China, India, Thailand, Singapore, Hongkong, Malaysia, United Arab Emirates and Australia. 

Agricultural and Minerals Survey

  • Bagging, discharging and loading superintendence for wheat, soybean meal and other feed grains, tapioca chips, copra/copra cake, coconut oil, castor oil, sugar and all types of fertilizers
  • Quantification of the cargo by means of Vessel’s Draft Survey
  • Discharging, weighing, delivery superintendence and cargo condition survey for steel coils, billets and other steel products, coal, clinker, gypsum, etc.
  • Volumetric survey of commodities using engineering tachometric transits for cements, coal, sulfur, pyrite, limestone, sugar and other bulk products.
  • Damage survey of commodities for feeds, fats and oil, petroleum products, chemicals by quality/laboratory assessment evaluation.

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Hydrocarbons (Petro Chemicals) Survey

  • Complete discharging and loading inspection for bulk crude oil, gasoline, fuel oil, refined petroleum products, chemicals, liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) and other hydrocarbons.
  • Sampling of fuel oil and other petroleum products for quality laboratory analysis.
  • Inter-island convoy services for oil companies’ barges/lighters for loss control and marine expediting attendance

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Industrial/Marine Technical Services

  • Calibration of all types of tanks, upright cylindrical, storage, spheres, horizontal or bullets, cargo oil tanks, and fuel oil tanks of tankers.
  • Gas freeing of vessels prior to dry dock repairs; and hydrotesting of hoses.
  • Vessel on-hire/off-hire surveys, condition and valuation surveys for marine crafts; and damage surveys to ship owners, traders, P&I clubs insurance companies, etc.
  • Measurement and preparation of calibration gauge tables for all types of storage tanks such as horizontal, spherical, underground and ships’ cargo tanks.

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Agri-Laboratory Services

  • Feedgrains laboratory services to test for confirmation of samples to specific international standards for rice, corn, wheat and soybean meal.
  • Sampling, physico-chemical analyses, proximate assay of  feed ingredients ( for moisture content, protein, fiber, oil content, ash and urease activity ), grading and classification of rice, corn and other feedgrains, feed microscopy, bulk density/hectoliter test, aflatoxin test, etc.